the blank slate and the brilliant board

How the blank slate became the brilliant board...

You know -- sometimes you just stare at a blank page for quite awhile and wonder what in the world to write. Will you have anything important to say? Will people find it useful? What is the point? How can you keep it relevant? Will it be a brilliant idea or bust?

In this case, this new year, I started not just with a blank page but with a blank slate. It was just waiting and wanting to be something - anything actually. And then it hits me - just be brilliant. Write down all those great ideas and mold them into something brilliant. And so the odyssey began ever so simply and that is how the blank slate morphed into the brilliant board as I like to call it.

It is a great time of year to start this board. As they say, out with the old and in with the new. For me this year it is a new business - The DC Concierge. What is so solely brilliant about this idea is that it is a mix of the old business skills blended together and morphed into a new and exciting business with a simple message --

For you, it could be a new goal, a new resolution, a new project, a new list, a new thought and so on. Just write it down - put the pen to the paper or the chalk to the board.  Next, figure out how to do it (don't overthink it), just own it and then do it. And keep it simple. "If something is hard, then something is wrong" as my dad used to say. And it is so true (been there-tried that).

Ergo the beauty of it all - it just starts with a blank slate and making 'the list' filled with all those great ideas, brilliant projects, exciting thoughts as well as any awesome deeds. It is as simple as that.

brilliant.simplified. Be brilliant this year!



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