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Who is The DC Concierge?

At this point, The DC Concierge is Marnee Robinson and the business is basically a 'Marnee for hire' service. Being a serial entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience, Marnee Robinson possesses a diverse set of skills from project management, to business strategy and development, to interior design, decor and accessories (both home and boat), gourmet foodservice (specialty - gourmet cookies), gardening and pet care.

The DC Concierge is all about a life.simplified. evolving into a life.enjoyed.    

What exactly is a concierge?

Our definition is basicallyconcierge /ˌkɑːnsiˈeɚʒ/ noun
a person for hire to do tasks with a smile on their face, whatever -- whenever -- for whomever (as long as it is legal). The idea is that the client doesn't have to do it for themselves and so that the client can have a smile on their face.

The proper definition is broadlyconcierge /ˌkɑːnsiˈeɚʒ/ noun
a person employed (by a person or business) to make arrangements or run errands.