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How great is that philosophy to live by -- let alone work by! That is the goal of The DC Concierge everyday to simplify a life, a home, a business -- one project at a time. In addition, to enhance the lives of our seniors and pets -- one visit at a time.

The DC Concierge is not just about customer service but customer experience as well. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart. Let us help you make a
life.simplified. evolve into a life.enjoyed.


How simple it that philosophy to work towards -- let alone accomplish? Chores completed? Errands be gone? We all know that it is not that easy but it can be. It all starts with just a simple list in the hands of someone who's mission is just that to make a life.simplified.

And, how great would that be to live with -- let alone achieve? Taking back your time. Nothing to do now but to just enjoy life. Unfortunately, The DC Concierge cannot do that for you but just about everything else to make a life.enjoyed.

meet The DC Concierge


Marnee Robinson, CCO (Chief Concierge Officer)



As a seasoned professional on a long and windy road, all paths led to Washington, DC and The DC Concierge. Being a perennial workaholic, Marnee Robinson experienced all too well the issues of juggling the balance of work-life-volunteer-chores. Struggling with being able to do everything well without dropping the balls, the idea of the new business germinated and 'The DC Concierge' was born.

Marnee Robinson is a highly focused, creative, energetic serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of successful businesses and business development over the past 35+ years. A skilled and hardworking professional best known for delivering exceptional service, developing, implementing and completing projects on many levels. Expertise lies in the ability to multi-task on the strategic as well as the tactical side of projects.



Marnee Robinson has been and continues to be a dedicated, passionate and efficient volunteer with over 25+ years of nonprofit work from Maine to DC that developed and nurtured a strong commitment towards the greater community. As a community and business leader, she is just as comfortable working with CEO’s as well as small business owners, city leaders, state representatives and diverse community leaders. Known to be a fair, honest, thoughtful leader and educated partner in working toward the goals or causes at hand. Her volunteer mantra is the phrase “it takes a village” because indeed it does and it is as simple as just showing up and rolling up your sleeves.



Nonprofit - Business Consultant (Entrepreneur) | Sidwell Friends (Manager) | Marnee's Cookies (Cookie Executive Officer) | Odyssey Interiors (Yacht Interiors Entrepreneur) | The Village Craftsmen (Home Interiors Entrepreneur)             View Profile (Resume upon request)


"My businesses are like a family; all have had their individual  personalities, distinct identities / taglines, each with their own stories albeit the one common thread that binds has always been the attention to detail and the signature of quality." marnee              

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